Virtual Debit Card Basics

Published: 27th June 2009
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The international debit card that has succeeded the international credit card as the new king of the electronic payment world has gone through yet another revolutionary evolution. From the traditional plastic offshore debit card that has almost the same functions of your ordinary credit card but greatly less costs, it has transcended to a superior, more convenient and more fraud protected virtual debit card.

The virtual debit card, despite its numerous wonders, has some risks to those who do not quite know how it works. Knowledge is power, and knowing about the virtual debit card grants you power, power to utilize the instrument's full potential. To supply more information about the general elementary principles virtual debit card, data on the basics are given below for you.

Virtual Debit Card
A virtual debit card can be utilized to make online purchases from any establishment that honors and accepts generally MasterCard or VisaCard, anywhere in the world. There are generally two types of virtual debit cards; the fully virtual debit card that has no physical embodiment and the partially virtual debit card that still has the plastic debit card as its representative. In spite of this minor difference, both types are generally the same in the way that they are linked to a virtual offshore bank account and that they generate virtual card numbers for each online transaction so that no trail that may be traced to the cardholder is left behind.

Virtual Debit Card Benefits
Since virtual debit card companies are generally located on lands foreign from their target customers, the related virtual offshore bank account is absolutely free of any risk of being frozen. Under the Panama Laws, all bank accounts on any kind based offshore cannot be intervened by the offshore depositor's home government, thus facilitating security of access and even, hiding money offshore. And by generating a new virtual debit card number in each transaction instead of using your real debit card number, your financial information is dealt with utmost protection every time you engage in online transactions. Much time and effort is also saved as good virtual debit card providers have systems that fill in shipping and billing forms automatically at checkout, thus keeping you away from fake eBay websites and the like. The best thing about good virtual debit cards is that they charge no periodic or extra charges.

Virtual Card Number
A virtual card number is any of the numbers generated by the virtual debit card when used in a transaction. It is the number used in place of your international or offshore debit card number and has the sole purpose of prohibiting the sharing your personal debit card number when making online purchases.

Security Image
The security image is a random set of alphanumeric characters that are needed to be inputted before any virtual debit card transaction becomes executable. This is to prevent fraudulent programs from automated theft or use of your virtual debit card. Another security image, which is chosen by the virtual debit cardholder, may also be applied to appear at every log in attempt, to add more security.

Form Fill
Form fill is a feature that automatically stores billing and shipping form information and uses the said information to automatically fill up forms when the virtual debit cardholder is making a purchase with his virtual debit card.

Worldwide Use
The virtual debit card can be used almost anywhere in the world where Internet access is available.

Spending Limits
A virtual debit cardholder can only spend up to the balance of his virtual offshore bank account, thus borrowings and debt are not encourage in the same way as they are with credit cards.

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